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“To Have & To Hold” Set of Four Magnets

Posted on: August 17, 2008

"To Have & To Hold" Set of Four Magnets in Classic "Refrigerator" Tin

As the verse during your wedding vows go, you repeat that sacrid words To Have and To Hold, Til Death Do You Part. Here’s a favor that fits the course of your wedding day ceremony.  A cute jesture to present to your guests as a wedding keepsake for your guests.

  Tell us! What attracted you to him ? Was it his magnetic personality ?, or his sense of humor?, or his pure honesty?. When you both make the promise, and commitment to have and to hold for better or worst, in sickness or health, for richer or poorer this refridgerators magnet shaped of a wedding cake, a heart, a ring, and wedding bell will remind you of your promise to celebrate your mutual attraction. With a clever magnet you can send your bridal or wedding shower guests home with a refrigerator full of symbolism a magnetic memento they’ll have to hold cherished photos, kids’ drawings and daily reminders in a convenient place. The outside of the silvery tin favor is a “refrigerator” with heart magnets securing an important reminder that says “To Have & To Hold.” Just below, it reads “Refrigerator Magnets,” and inside are four petite, yet powerful silver-metal magnets with white enamel accents—a heart, two rings, wedding bells and a three-tier cake. A wedding favor so captivating, your guests will certainly know that he was attracted to your flair for the unique and your excellent taste!

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