Wedding Bliss-Baby Kiss

Chrome Wedding Bell With Acrylic Rose Top

Posted on: September 12, 2008

Chrome Wedding Bell With Acrylic Rose Top

Chrome Wedding Bell With Acrylic Rose Top


Is it time to ring in the new bride and groom. Jingle the wedding bells for the traditonal wedding kiss! It’s never a bad time to take the little bell from the reception table and ring til your hearts content. You know the hearts of the bride and groom are just thumping with excitement and joy and more than ready to put on that displayed passionate kiss for everyone to see and envy. Why Not !!!!! They are now Husband and Wife………Til death due them part.  Remember at your wedding, everytime the bell tolls, kiss to your new life and beginnings.

  Chrome bell with acrylic rose top for your Wedding Reception tables, and a perfect gift for your guest to cherish your special day forever !


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