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50th Anniversary Bookmark Favors

Posted on: September 27, 2008

50th Anniversary Bookmark

50th Anniversary Bookmark


Happy Anniversary Baby, Gotcha on my mind…………….

Now you have to know that a couple who has been together for 50 years  always has the signifigant other on their mind. Anniversary or not, being together as long as that lucky couple has been, they’ve have definitly become a unity of one. They can read each other like a well written book, when they are apart for the sightest moment, their heart knows they’re missing and long for their return. Each of them have made the journey through life together, sharing their triumphs and challenges as they’ve journey together for 50 years.  Indeed they have made it to a milestone with many memories to share, they have inspired many and passed their wisdom of lifes experiences on.   Now it’s time for them to be rewarded for reaching a milestone, a time for a grand celebration with all their close family and friends  joining in on the party to congratulate the happy couple of 50 years.  

   Some anniversaries are true milestones. Surely the golden 50th is one that’s most worthy of a celebration and this 50th anniversary bookmark favor really hits the mark. Plan that grand slam 50th anniversary, an anniversary which should very well be recognized.

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