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Snowman Candle Favors

Snowman Candle Favors

Brrrrrrrrrrr…………..It’s cold out there!!!!!! But these snowman candle favors are special as all snowmen are!  Brighten up the day with a snowman for any winter themed event.

Snowman Candle Favors add a cheery winter’s glow to your event tables these adorable snowman candle favors. He’s made of snow but he’s sure to melt your guests’ hearts! Charmingly detailed snowman holding a wrapped present in one hand and an iridescent snowball in the other, decorated with colorful painted features and shimmering blue rhinestones. Resting in the snowy base is a clear glass holder with an ice blue tea light candle inside.

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King and Queen Candle Favor

King and Queen Candle Favor


Checkmate…………….The game is just beginning.  Here’s a candle favor that is different and unique but fitting for a wedding occasion. Can you imagine placing these King and Queen chess piece candle favors on your reception table for all of your guest. The candle favors are something new so we will see how the well they go over for the brides and grooms. I believe these will be well like and soon start seeing these at bridal shower or weddings as their favor of choice or as  decorations.

  Declare a check mate on love with this regal pair of king and queen chess piece candles as your favors. Show your guests that you’ve made all the right moves in the game of love with this adorable chess-inspired king and queen candle couple!

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Holiday Candle Favors

Holiday Candle Favors


I believe December is one of the best times of the year. It’s not only the Christmas season, but it is also the time of year when there are more joyous celebrations as we get closer to the magic of Christmas Day. The best decorations come out of the closet as everyone sets the stage for their festivities. If your having a holiday event, place these Holiday themed candles on the tables and use them as favors or gifts for the occasion. The holiday favors will be a seasonal sensation and the event will be overflowing with the holiday spirit.

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Amore Cheese Knife Favor

Amore Cheese Knife Favor


Cut yourself a slice of LOVE while you’re at it! I just think this Amore cheese knife is adorable in everyway. Usable – Yes,  Presentation – Yes!!! I believe this favor would not only make a grand entrance for a wedding or bridal shower favor but also these would make for a great gift to a wine connoisseur to add to his collection or even as party gifts for you company events. Hey, what about stocking stuffers, now there’s another idea but of course for the grown ups! 

As a shining memento of love, these LOVE design stainless steel cheese knife favors are a cut above the rest Looking for an attractive keepsake to help your guests mark your special day? Well these unique cheese knife favors are really sharp and filled with love! Each measures 10 ½” x 1 ¼” x ½” and is crafted of stainless steel with a serrated edged blade with a cutout LOVE design and a heart detail on the handle.


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Elephant Candle Favor

Elephant Candle Favor


Most of us know that elephants don’t forget a thing and remember everything, at least that is what they say. If eveyone was like that, then you wouldn’t have to worry about your guests forgeting your unforgettable occasion. Here’s something to think about, a candle favor true as the elephant as a reminder to everyone how unforgettable your event was. Elephants have become a favorite as favors at weddings because of the symbol of good luck when the elephants trunk is raised high.  Another reason for it;s popularity is for strength, wisdom and prosperity which everone wishes for on there wedding bliss.

Give your guests a favor they’ll never forget with these elephant design candle favors. They say an elephant never forgets and we’re sure that your guests will find these versatile candle favors truly unforgettable! Forever revered as a symbol of strength and wisdom, the elephant with its trunk up has become a popular sign of good luck and prosperity.


Click Here for more information Elephant Design Candle Favors

Snowflake Bookmark

Snowflake Bookmark


Snowflakes will be falling and soon you’ll be surrounded in a winter wonderland or maybe you’re just having a themed wedding or event with decorations surrounding your guest in a winter wonderland surrounding.  Snowflake bookmark favors are always a favorable idea as a gift or token of appreciation.  They’re even great as a stocking stuffer for that avid reader who like to curl up with a book on a cold frosty night.

“Snowflake” Bookmark with Silver Finish and Elegant Ice-Blue Tassel. It’s winter, and imagine someone curled up cozy in a comfy chair next to a roaring hot fire , reading a the newest best-seller as snow falls. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Your elegant winter themed wedding or party guests will think so, too, when their stunning “Snowflake ” Bookmark favor greets them at their table seating.

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"Thanks For Hanging Out"

Need a great way to thank your guests for attending your baby shower and still provide each of them with a baby keepsake. You can use these for placecard holders to arrange your guest seating then each of your guest can take them home to treasure the moments of your event as they share the joy and happiness in celebrations of the baby which is about to be.

Thank your baby shower guests for hanging out at the baby shower with these charming photo placecard holders shower favors. Thank your guest for hang out with these truly unique placecard holder and will add lots of style to the reception table with its whimsical design. Featuring a little-boy-blue jumper or pretty-in-pink dress, which is centered around a clear frame reading “Thanks for Hanging Out.”  Your shower guests can use these baby favors later to frame wallet-sized photos of the new arrival!

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