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Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Posted on: May 18, 2009

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Looking for creative ideas for decorating your wedding reception tables. Did you know a popular trend for table decorations are ostrich feathers displayed on each tables giving a glamorous and sophisticated look to your wedding reception event. Knowing that the wedding reception party is the most memorable event for the wedding guests, bridal party. The bride and groom want those first impressions to have a WOW effect from the moment of their arrival, to the scheduled events throughout the wedding celebration, the wedding reception is the highlight of the wedding. During the planning of a couples wedding, much of the planning emphasizes on the reception. When it comes to your reception, you have many areas in which you can change things up to make them different and unique. Here is some decorating ideas from the banquet hall to the wedding reception table centerpieces on the guests tables as well as the bride and groom and bridal party table that will sure to be astonishing. 
Table Coverings
A gorgeously decorated table is an absolute must for any large wedding and it is the perfect way to add an elegant touch to even the smallest of weddings. Consider including stunning table covers if the banquet hall doesn’t provide any, then add a table runner down the center that’ll add to your own wedding décor giving your wedding reception tables a unique and custom look to your reception. If you’re planning to have your wedding reception tables covered, don’t forget about the wedding cake table or even the wedding gift table as well.
Table Decorations
Of course you can’t forget about the table centerpiece for each of the tables. One of the most common is using floral or candle favors  as the centerpiece. Another idea that is gaining popularity is using ostrich feathers as centerpieces. Commonly, the feathers are arranged in 18-24” Eiffel tower vases giving each of the reception tables an exquisite centerpiece. Add floral lights inside the vases for an extroidinary presentation. As shown in the picture above, the Forever diamond collection is displayed as centerpiece decorations which works well for the bride and grooms along with the wedding party table.
Chair Covers
Chair covers are a key ingredient to any wedding reception décor. They are usually one of the most cost effective ways of taking an average wedding reception and making it an extravagant and elegant showcase event.  Most couples will elect to include a satin colored sash to reflect their wedding décor then tie a large bow in the back of each of the chairs. Other suggestions are to decorate the backs of the reception chairs with flowers, ribbons, balloons or some have even attached wedding favors  for each of their guests.
The Reception Hall
Many couples overlook the reception hall when planning out the details of their wedding décor. Many reception halls that are rented can be plain with very little decorations or highlights for a wedding! But, there are many possibilities to turn a normal banquet hall into a look of luxury. One idea which is becoming very popular is lighting, by adding lighting on the walls will give the look of elegance the first moment when your guests step into the wedding reception hall. Using can lighting on the walls, or drapes throughout the hall setting will give a dramatic experience which can set the right mood for the event. Another idea with the lighting is having the lights a color which will blend in to your wedding decor. 
You can also include lighting for the bridal and groom table, along with the bridal party table that will highlight and set the ambiance of the event. Some will use string lights or the LED rope lights and attach to the tables and you can also use can lighting underneath to give that spectacular look.
Other ideas are using balloons and balloon arches throughout the reception hall. Place balloon arches at the entrances of the dance floor and at the entrance of the hall are ideal locations.
Balloons can also be attached to the ceiling over the dance floor and use them as a balloon drop when the reception party is at the highlight of the celebration.
Bridal Party Table Backdrop
Another common and beautiful attraction is to have a backdrop behind the bridal party table. Balloons and lighting can be used as backdrops behind the bridal party table for a festive look and feel. Another idea is using a satin or fabric backdrop which could include swags with background lighting as well for that elegant and luxury look.

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