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Ghost Candelabra Centerpiece

Posted on: November 22, 2013

Ghost Candelabra Centerpiece

Ghost Candelabra Centerpiece

Go beyond your typical wedding table centerpiece and create a strong visual and stunning effect with acrylic ghost candelabras. Guests will be inspired by the attributes these uniquely designed candelabras will bring to each table top and at the wedding reception event. You’ll captivate the attention of all with their personality each of the ghost candelabra bring, the enhanced detailed etching of old vintage style will create a stand out piece on every banquet table. Add to the depth of each of these centerpieces with the clever use of lighting, casting a glow at each table and throughout the banquet hall enhancing this simple and amazing display.

The ghost candelabras are versatile when adding decor on or around them to reflect your style, theme and or color into your wedding. Make them pop with the clever use of lighting by throwing a couple of colored mini party lights under each, or use LED battery operated vase light to give a nice glow through the candelabra. Adding a candle on each of the arms and on the top brings out the elegance and modern style to your tables and centerpiece. With most weddings, flowers are always in the plans, so why not take your floral centerpiece idea and add to the top of each, creating a stunning, unforgettable centerpiece guests are sure to talk about.


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