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Personalized White Glass Wedding Card Box

This white glass wedding card box can be a perfect fit into just about any style wedding capturing all of the guests best wishes and gift cards for the bride and groom. The elegance of white sets up as an ideal backdrop on an entrance table of the wedding reception which can also be used as an alternative to guest book with each guest signing their names and best wishes to the bride and groom. Using a dark colored marker allows the signatures to be visible against the background of the Wedding Card Boxes. The wedding box is accented on the base with a choice of real wood molding which comes in a choice of Walnut, Cherry, Black, Gold, Silver or White, and as a finishing touch, add laser etched personalization making it a forever memorable keepsake.

Whether your having a small wedding with guests of 75 – 100, or 200-250, the elegant white glass personalized wedding card box has a size to accommodate your guest list.


white rectangle cherry

White Glass Card Box With Cherry Molding


white rectangle gold

White Glass Card Box With Gold Molding

With the gold accented wood molding on the base, this card box is perfect for the happy couple celebrating a 50th anniversary.


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Silver Accented Personalized Glass Card Box

If your planning a 25th anniversary, the personalized glass card box with the silver molded accenting base will blend perfectly for the occasion.


love you to the moon keychain

I Love You To The Moon and Back Keychain

One of the best phrases that’s been around for years and today, you hear this simple saying more and more often. “I Love You To The Moon and Back” So uplifting when your significant other say these little words to start and brighten your day.  Keep these words that are so often spoken as a steady reminder to each other and share with your wedding guest with a silver keychain party favor with the engraved “I Love You To The Moon and Back” in celebration of your wedding day.

Celebrating a silver anniversary, this key chain is perfect for the couple who has shared so much together and has loved each other to the moon and back for many years.

Ostrich Feather Ball Table Decoartions

An elegant display of ostrich feather ball centerpieces awaits for the final decor to be added before the big celebration. These ostrich feather balls were part of a wedding reception ceremony and used as a memory table for the bride and groom. The table dressed in a sheer princess draping accented with sparkling silver and crystal broaches added to the finishing touch of the feather centerpieces.

  Ostrich feathers are becoming very popular in decorating banquets, weddings receptions, anniversarys  and a variety of other events for the beauty the centerpieces display. The brides are accented with headpieces reflecting the roaring twenties, and now come the feather balls blending into the decor and theme as well. 

Display ideas could include placecard  or name badge tables, memory displays, centerpiece attraction at any entrance, wedding cake table to just name a few ideas these feather balls could be the perfect blend beauty and elegance. Each of these can take the place of the ordinary flower centerpiece and create a memorable showpiece guests will definitly talk about. A  fresh creation in designs in vintage by Kimberly Lace   

Ostrich Feather Memory Table Decorations

Rectangle Glass Wedding Card Box

Rectangle Glass Wedding Card Box


Having a wedding and looking for originality ? Here’s a unique wedding card box that would’nt sit in the attic after your wedding reception. This totally glass card box is very unique and a keepsake for life as your wedding memories can be showcased after your event. Place your wedding cake topper inside or maybe have your boutonniere and bouquet bronzed displaying those precious petals of love. 

  These wedding card boxes are made of double strength, UV protected glass and with mirror on the bottom and in the back. Each card box is supported by a beautiful furniture grade moulding that is available in four different colors and the lid hinges open from the back to retrieve cards and to display your keepsakes. They can also be personalized with the bride and grooms names and date if desired.

Don’t let your imagination stop at just weddings , these glass card boxes can be very nice and useful for anniversaries and even birthday’s as card boxes then as gift.

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25th Anniversary Bookmark Favors

25th Anniversary Bookmark Favors


Imagine a couple who has just reached 25 years as husband and wife together, they have reach a monumental point in history with a silver anniversary. A treasured moment in life as they have overcome many of life’s obsticles but their bonding love has kept them close together with each year passing, their bond becomes tighter and tighter. They have become partners for life, best friends and most special of all………….SOULMATES. Nothing can tear apart the love they have for each other as each day their loves grows only stronger.

I am sure you know of a couple who is sharing the same lasting bond and love and they are about to embark on their 25th anniversary. It’s time for a grand celebration as the 2 of them have reach a milestone in life togehter. Plan your party to include not only their family, but reach deep into their list of friends and invite those  who have they haven’t seen in a long while. The close friends who were there when they were younger and shared those kodak moments together, or who helped through the testing times when all they had was each other.

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50th Anniversary Bookmark

50th Anniversary Bookmark


Happy Anniversary Baby, Gotcha on my mind…………….

Now you have to know that a couple who has been together for 50 years  always has the signifigant other on their mind. Anniversary or not, being together as long as that lucky couple has been, they’ve have definitly become a unity of one. They can read each other like a well written book, when they are apart for the sightest moment, their heart knows they’re missing and long for their return. Each of them have made the journey through life together, sharing their triumphs and challenges as they’ve journey together for 50 years.  Indeed they have made it to a milestone with many memories to share, they have inspired many and passed their wisdom of lifes experiences on.   Now it’s time for them to be rewarded for reaching a milestone, a time for a grand celebration with all their close family and friends  joining in on the party to congratulate the happy couple of 50 years.  

   Some anniversaries are true milestones. Surely the golden 50th is one that’s most worthy of a celebration and this 50th anniversary bookmark favor really hits the mark. Plan that grand slam 50th anniversary, an anniversary which should very well be recognized.

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