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Floating Candles

Floating Candles

When you’re planning a wedding and working on a tight budget, you’ll find in many areas it can be quite challenging coming up with a simple but elegant wedding which doesn’t go to the extremes in costs. One area many couples may cut back on costs are by using simple wedding centerpieces that still create a bold statement. Many brides assume the table décor must be large to get that desired look for their reception but with those large centerpiece, comes a large price tag. Flowers are one of the most expensive decoration to use, a large arrangement in a tall vase, costs can vary upward, well into the hundreds.  Quite a few brides assume that simple means less elegant, which is far from the case! With a little creativity, you can have beautiful table centerpieces that are elegant, and, will not throw your budget over the top.


Candles are one of the least expensive centerpiece designs you can incorporate into your wedding decoration. Whether you use floating, pillar or even tealights, once the candles are arranged on the table and the lights are dimmed, candles will create a glimmering glow of ambience throughout the reception.


Pink Floating Candle Centerpiece

Pink Floating Candle Centerpiece


Wedding Table Centerpiece

Wedding Table Centerpiece


There are so many options you can create when using any style or type of candle. Use vases with height variations so everything don’t look just streamline. Fill them with water for floating candles, sand, marbles, stones and suspend real or artificial flowers.  Blend using short pillars, tealights or a variety of designed holders adding into the décor.


Crystal Candelabras With Red Carnations

Crystal Candelabras With Red Carnations


Small Candelabra Table Centerpiece

Small Candelabra Table Centerpiece

When you think of flower centerpiece, your thoughts go with large,  dramatic and full of an array of large florals, but have you given any thought to using carnations? Carnations are one of the lowest cost budget friendly flowers and with so many color options available, the carnations can be the perfect ending on the tables. There are endless ideas that can be married into a centerpiece design. Create carnation pomanders and set on top of wine bottles or wine glasses, glass bowls, mason jars or candelabras to name a few ideas. Since the carnations are long lasting, you can discard that thought of the dreaded wilting flower on your tables.


If you’re still looking to have large, tall and dramatic centerpieces for your wedding tables, another idea is to use wedding rental professionals. Many wedding rental companies have the supplies, talent and creative ideas that can provide your tables with the desired design that will coordinate and blend into your wedding theme. And, the good part of it all, the cost could be half or less.



Have your wedding guests slip away to the beach with memories of your beach theme wedding reception. Use floating candles as your table centerpieces and decorate each with a scene from a tropical getaway.

Wedding Reception Tables Beach Centerpieces

Beach designed candles for your wedding reception tables.

With some creativity, your tables can be inspiring with beautiful and elegant beach designed candle centerpieces for the wedding reception.

Using several clear vases of different heights, arranged together will create a stunning centerpiece. Floating candles give a fresh and calming ambiance to any beach style wedding reception table.

  • Add elements of a beach and or artificial tropical flowers suspended in the water beneath the floating candle.
  • Use dark blue colored marbles glass beads or rocks with a hint of blue water with a floating candle to give the contrast of the beach or sea.
  • Other beach related items to include inside the candle vases are coral, starfish, small sailboats, fish decorations or if you are daring, use real tropical fish.
  • Mix your candle arrangements up using tealights or votives on top of sand and shells at the bottom of the vase.
  • Used colored sand such as blue and tan, then layering the sand in the vase creating a beach effect, then put a tealight or votive on top.
  • For additional beach inspiration, spread sea shells around your candle centerpieces or use petals from your tropical flowers.
  • Decorate the vase with beach themed stickers, crystals in the shape of shells, starfish, tropical flowers or a combination.
  • Give your guests a keepsake using candle favors at each place setting coordinating with the beach theme and adding to the beach candle centerpieces.
Beach Theme Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Beach Theme Candle Centerpiece Ideas

With some imagination and creativity, you can have the perfect wedding table centerpiece for your beach style wedding reception incorporating the elements of the beach into any style of candle.

Ghost Candelabra Centerpiece

Ghost Candelabra Centerpiece

Go beyond your typical wedding table centerpiece and create a strong visual and stunning effect with acrylic ghost candelabras. Guests will be inspired by the attributes these uniquely designed candelabras will bring to each table top and at the wedding reception event. You’ll captivate the attention of all with their personality each of the ghost candelabra bring, the enhanced detailed etching of old vintage style will create a stand out piece on every banquet table. Add to the depth of each of these centerpieces with the clever use of lighting, casting a glow at each table and throughout the banquet hall enhancing this simple and amazing display.

The ghost candelabras are versatile when adding decor on or around them to reflect your style, theme and or color into your wedding. Make them pop with the clever use of lighting by throwing a couple of colored mini party lights under each, or use LED battery operated vase light to give a nice glow through the candelabra. Adding a candle on each of the arms and on the top brings out the elegance and modern style to your tables and centerpiece. With most weddings, flowers are always in the plans, so why not take your floral centerpiece idea and add to the top of each, creating a stunning, unforgettable centerpiece guests are sure to talk about.

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