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As one of the picks for the 2014 Toledo Wedding Experts Award, Kimberly Lace has been nominated as 1 of the top 3 wedding decorators for 2014. During the 2015 wedding and party event season, we will continue to provide that truly remarkable event we are known for. With our creativity, and the brides vision, we’ll create that unforgettable wedding every bride has dreamt of. Kim’s Bridal and Gifts is also affiliated with, and is the sister company of Kimberly Lace that offers all the accessories for your wedding and the bride.

If your a Toledo Ohio bride, the area has a vast array of Wedding Vendors ready to help you plan your special day and make it amazing. The Experts Awards are an annual certification awarded to those voted as Wedding Experts in the Toledo area. The nomination/voting polls last from March 1st to November 1st every year. Those with the most nominations will be announced the top experts in their field for that year.

Go to and place your vote for us and all your favorites who’ve help create that perfect dream wedding.


2015 Wedding Expert Vote

2015 Wedding Expert Vote

Bridal Party Head Table

Bride and groom head table with an elegant white shear backdrop.

There’s no question being a DIY bride can save you money on your wedding decorations and possibly other areas, but there are those acceptations when it just makes sense to look at wedding rentals. When it comes to the bridal attire, there’s not many options with the dress, unless you’re a seamstress and can design and sew your own. There are occasions when you may wear a hand me down from your mother or grandmother, then add a few final touches such as sequins, lace or maybe studded sparkling crystals. When it comes to the bridal party, there are other options, of course with the groom, groomsmen an best man, it ultimately comes down to renting the tux or suits. With the bridesmaids, some may think the only option is to purchase but now a days, we are seeing more and more places opening up where you can rent bridesmaids dresses, so there’s an option there but do they have the style and design the bride is looking for to match her wedding scheme. Rental the bridesmaids dresses may just be a better solution than purchasing them since when will be the next time any of them will wear their beautiful gown.

When it comes to the wedding decorations, there are many questions you must ask yourself.

  • Can I make the wedding decorations?
  • What is the difficulty level?
  • How much does all the pieces cost to put together?
  • How much time will it take for me to put it together?
  • How much time will the venue allow me for set up?
  • How much time will it take to set them up at the wedding reception or ceremony?
  • How many people will it take to help set them up?
  • How long will it take to remove everything after the reception?
  • How many people will I need to help to remove after the reception?
  • How much time will the venue allow me for take down?

These are all viable questions you must ask yourself before you begin your journey with DIY.

With all the wedding preparations you are involved in during the wedding planning and leading up to your wedding reception, does you time allow you to involve that dedicated time to make your own? If the possibilities are there, of course, get a team of friends and family to help which will make a big impact and shorten the time. Most of those DIY projects can take considerable time to prepare and put together.

When you have decided what you will be doing with your DIY decorations or projects, give it a considerable amount of thought on how much effort it will take to get that desired piece you want. Then there’s the cost factor that goes into to it as well! Do your homework first on what every single item will cost to make. If the overall costs seem reasonable, make one first and see how easy or difficult that piece will be, once the first one is completed, it will give you the final cost as well.

Another one of those questions which will have a huge impact on your wedding day is, how much time will the venues allow me to set everything up. Make sure you ask this question upfront when you select your venue and BEFORE you finalize and make your payment to reserve. Many venues will and can book an event the same day as your wedding, if that is the case, those venues will only allow you very limited time to get everything set up. Brides have ran into those scenario after they have signed, and they have all this set up to do to present their wedding of how they want it, however, only to find out, the venue will state there is only a 1.5 – 2.0 hour window to set up. Even for those professional wedding venders,  this type of time can be very demanding and sometimes, don’t expect to have everything you desire unless your will to add more costs for labor.

The same applies for the end of your event! Even though you may think, well the banquet hall has nothing going on after, ahhhh but they do! They have all their staff on the clock, and they have to take down all of their items which they provided. So, another good question to ask.

With all that in perspective and it looks as if every falls in place, recruit as many friends and family to help with all the decoration set up required. As a bride, the last thing you want or need to do, is rush around to get not only the wedding reception and the ceremony if that applies, but having enough time to prepare yourself with yours and the bridesmaids attire and precessions in place and ready. Your wedding day can already be stressful, so don’t add any unnecessary items on what will be one of the best days of your life.

Whether you decide to be a DIY bride, or let the wedding professions provide you with wedding rentals, have fun, good luck, and most of all…….Best Wishes to you and the groom!

Floating Candles On Wedding TAbles

Floating candles staggered in various heights.

Kimberly Lace offers a full line of professional services in Michigan including event planning and coordination of  the event.   Weather your event is a Wedding, Engagement Party, Anniversary, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers,  Birthday Parties or a Corporate Event.  Every occasion is special and cause for celebration.  Because parties mark some of the lifes most memorable moments ensuring the success of your event is a priority.  With Kim’s event/designing experience we can assist you with ideas, and planning for an unforgettable event. From the beginning of your planning to the end with  a worry free experience.  Our service range from consulting to complete event service. With decor setting to rentals you will have a truly inspirational event. For questions regarding a complete line of our professional services  you can contact us at via e-mail at

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